- An online New Zealand holiday guide

A Guide to New Zealand

Many world-travellers place New Zealand at the top of their list as the most beautiful, exhilarating and welcoming of all destinations. Find out why.


Over the past twenty years or so, the high quality of New Zealand wine has come to worldwide attention. New Zealand's temperate climate, similar to Europe's, lends the wine produced there a north-European character, in contrast to the richer grip of New World wines.

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Activities and Adventure

If energetic, outdoor activity-based holidays are your thing, then New Zealand is a great place to go. New Zealand offers a huge range of outdoor activities, from simple hiking, cycling and canoeing to climbing, bungy-jumping and parapenting for the more daring.

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Mountain view

Natural World

The majestic beauty of New Zealand's landscape has long been appreciated by global travellers, but they often struggled to find words to do proper justice to it. Their task has become easier since the Lord of the Rings trilogy successfully captured New Zealand's mythic scale and grandeur.

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Top 10 Things to Do

A guide to the 10 most unmissable sights in New Zealand.

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Great Journeys

New Zealand's epic scale and beautiful scenery lend themselves perfectly to large scale journeys - by car and by train.

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Cycling to the mountains

Towns and Cities

New Zealand's towns and cities offer a wide variety of attraction: from the outdoor activities offered in Queenstown and the Art Deco architecture of Napier to the museums of Auckland and the colonial heritage of Christchurch.

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Other holiday destinations

A Guide to Holland

For travellers, Holland offers a unique and rewarding blend of sophisticated culture, welcoming hospitality and down-to-earth charm - just as one might expect of the land of Rembrandt and Vermeer.
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A Guide to California

It is often said that California is, and behaves like, a country in its own right. It certainly has enough to satisfy any traveller: a breathtaking range of landscape, beaches sparkling with sun and surf, vibrant cities, fabulous collections of art and antiquities, first-rate wines, the fascinating legacies of the Gold Rush pioneers, and the ever-fresh legends of Hollywood. California has a unique take on the world, and this is reflected in its warm and hospitable welcome.
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